About Me

In August 2005, at the age of 31, I left the Jehovah's Witness cult, which I was raised in from age five. Between the shunning I experienced from my community, being thrown into a world I was completely unprepared for and dealing with the philosophical quandaries of life after god and religion, my life collapsed.

I have always loved to write. Or rather, I have always written. In December 2006, way deep in depression, my then-boyfriend suggested that I start a blog to process my feelings and thoughts post-cult. This is the result.  

You will find here the mental meanderings of a woman trying to discover and create herself, and ultimately find her place in this vast universe. The blog has evolved as I have evolved.  My hope is that it stands as a testimony to the power of the mind to deprogram and reprogram itself, and perhaps will raise questions upon which you can reflect and adjust your own thinking. But mostly, my wish is that this blog gives hope to those struggling with the after-effects of religion. May you find the peace you so richly deserve. 

I am often asked about where the name "tall penguin" comes from. Years ago, I stumbled upon a book called "Animal Attraction". The book begins with a personality test that equates you with a particular animal and then goes on to explain, in detail, the traits of your animal personality. As you can guess, I came up as a penguin personality and since I am almost six feet tall, a nickname emerged; my friends began calling me "tall penguin". It stuck and has now become my online persona.