Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm 6!!!

It's technically my 30-something birthday today, but since I've only had birthdays since leaving the JW's, I'm only 6 this year. Yup, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

So, let's see how I measure up in my development this year. These are the developmental milestones for a six-year-old, with my comments in red. 

Motor Development

May still be somewhat uncoordinated and gawky. Somewhat? I don't think coordinated will ever be a word applied to the penguin. 

Able to learn to ride a bicycle. Got that one beat. 

Can move in time with music or a beat. You should see my kick-ass Bollywood dance moves!

Language and Thinking Development

Moving toward abstract thinking. Slow but sure.

Develops reasoning skills. Finally.

Shifts from learning through observation and experience to learning via language and logic. This one made me LOL. It's actually something I've been working very hard at this year. I really am 6 years old. 

Wants it all; has difficulty making choices. So many men, so little time. 

Social and Emotional Development

Grows more independent, yet feels less secure. Wow, that hits a little too close to home. But good to see I'm right on track.

Craves affection from parents and teachers. Not parents and teachers, more like mentors and friends.

Friendships are unstable; can be unkind to peers. I try to play nice in the sandbox, but it's not always easy. Sometimes, people suck.

Needs to win and may change rules to suit herself. Rules? There are rules? 

May be hurt by criticism, blame, or punishment. Isn't everyone?

Can be rigid, demanding, and unable to adapt. Adapt!!!

Increasingly aware that others have may have different feelings. Other people have feelings? Is that that whole 'theory of mind' thang I've been reading about?

Nice to see that I'm on track. The advice for dealing with a 6-year-old? "Be patient with her selfishness; it will pass." We can only hope. :)

tall penguin