Sunday, September 26, 2010

Woman With Flower

I wouldn't coax the plant if I were you.
Such watchful nurturing may do it harm.
Let the soil rest from so much digging.
And wait until it's dry before you water it.
The leaf's inclined to find its own direction;
Give it a chance to seek the sunlight for itself.

Much growth is stunted by too much prodding,
Too eager tenderness.
The things we love we have to learn to leave alone.

--Naomi Long Madgett

I've posted this poem here before. But I was reminded of it today and it feels very timely at the moment. Sometimes, "the things we love we have to learn to leave alone."  This is a difficult thing.  Particularly when it comes to those we love deeply; our lovers, our friends, our children, our families.  It's hard to let go and let time and nature take their course.  One is never guaranteed a particular outcome but that is the point; love and life is "inclined to find its own direction" if you let it.  If it grows towards you, great.  If it grows away from you, then you must learn to accept that.  It is what it is.   

tall penguin


Anthony said...

Wise words indeed. From a wise woman. Something that you and NLM have in common.

Umlud said...

Hey -- haven't heard even a peep from you. Everything compos mentis?

tall penguin said...

Hey Umlud, I'm still here. Still sorting out my existence; just not feeling like sharing the process with the larger world. Thanks for checking in. Much appreciated.