Sunday, August 22, 2010

This Tall Penguin Moment Is Brought To You By The Letter D...

I work in a bookstore.  Last night, a customer comes in and says, "I'm looking for this book about a dog and the dog explains what human life is like through his eyes."

I pause.  Wait for it...wait for it..."Is it fiction?"  I ask.

We look at each other for a moment, then break out laughing.

"Well that's definitely the dumbest thing I've said today," I add.

It's official.  I need a vacation.  Soon.

tall penguin


Umlud said...

Sometimes, it's not always so obvious what is and isn't fiction, though... I'm sure that you have seen many things that should be put under fiction that are placed in one or another non-fiction category. (Seems like that was the reason why you got Phyrangulated a number of months back... Heh.)

Sometimes I feel that I'm too much of a literalist to work in a bookstore:

"Bible stories? That should be under either 'occult studies' or 'indoctrination psychology.'"

"UFOs? That's under 'science fiction/fantasy.'"

"Autism links to vaccines? That's under 'history of pseudoscience.'"

Needless to say, I'd be unlikely to be made employee of the month (if I last a month, that is).

tall penguin said...

Oh ya, how could I forget about that other book with the talkin' animals that sits in the Religion section? What's it called? The name escapes me at the moment. ;)

Ya, I have my moments at work where I'd like to re-shelve a number of books into more appropriate locations. My current beef though is with Hubbard's "Dianetics" being shelved in "Self Help". That one makes penguin very, very angry. And you wouldn't like penguin when she's angry.

Ricercar said...

ha ha! i loved this :-)

well you dont know, do you? all manner of things are possibilities ...

Dave said...

I always find it funny that there is a "religious fiction" section at the book store. Brought to you by the Department for the Elimination of Redundancy Department.

tall penguin said...

A "Religious Fiction" section? Wow. No, we don't have that where I work. All those 'Left Behind' books are shelved with the rest of the fiction.