Tuesday, August 24, 2010


The last time I saw you,
You wore lime green
And a smile.

If we'd known then
What we know now
Maybe we would have found
Something better to talk about
Than the weather
And business

And maybe
You would've let that phone call go
And the one after that too

And maybe
We would've stared a bit longer
Over our lattes
Savoring those long glances
That had once solidified
Our tenuous grasp on love

But I remember you laughing
And I remember thinking,
I love this silly man
And I remember thinking,
I hope I get to do this forever

And then
Then it was goodbye
But we didn't know it was goodbye
Not yet,
Not then.
If we had
I'm sure we would've
Lingered a little longer
In each other's arms
And maybe the kiss on the cheek
Would've been one on the lips

And maybe the secrets
That had kept us together
That had kept us apart
Wouldn't have mattered

And maybe
Just maybe
For a moment
It would have been okay
To just

Let go.

tall penguin

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