Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Life Lesson #33: Those aren't potato chips!

I've been trying to replace my obsession for potato chips with a more healthier addiction to rice crisps. But sadly, rice crisps are not, and never will be, potato chips. And eating them just makes you spend an hour searching the kitchen cupboards, eating anything and everything in sight (including that whole bag of rice crisps), attempting to satisfy your real desire for the potato chips. But, instead of satisfaction, all you get is a bloated belly full of more calories than you ever would've consumed if you'd just eaten the damn chips to begin with.


tall penguin


Chihoe said...

I'm with you on this.

Metro no longer sells the purple-bagged Honey & Garlic Miss Vickies. And in an attempt to be healthier I tried going on a Quaker Crispy Minis "diet" instead but nothing is as good as crispy, crunchy chips.

tall penguin said...

Dude, I've been looking for those Honey Garlic fried bits of heaven since you introduced them to me at the cottage. Can't find them anywhere. If I do, I'll get you some!

Damn it, the chips win again.

Chihoe said...

I've been in withdrawal ever since Metro stopped keeping it in stock. I don't know why - it always sells out when it's in. My sis and I were so desperate we emailed Miss Vickies asking if it is still in production (lol). No reply.

Fuck I just checked their website - IT IS NO LONGER LISTED! Nooooooooooo.