Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Great Absurdity.

"Since everything is but an 'apparition',
Perfect in just being 'What It Is' ~ as it is.
Having nothing to do with 'good' or 'bad',
'acceptance' or 'rejection' –
You might as well just burst out laughing!"
~ Tibetan Dzogchen master Longchenpa, 1308-1369 AD

I don't know quite when it happened. Or how. Or why. But my life has taken on an absurd hue. It's as though everything has been painted with the brush of, "Really? Wow." Not good. Not bad. Not meaningful. Not meaningless. Just strangely absurd and infinitely entertaining.

I find myself watching from the corners of my life, completely intrigued by the story that unfolds. Sometimes I laugh. Sometimes I cry. Sometimes I know why. Sometimes I don't. Most times I don't. It's rare that you're laughing or crying for the reasons you think you're laughing or crying. So you just let it flow, let it slide through you without the need for judgment or explanation; you just sit back and wonder at it all.

We're all just bits of dust colliding in a vast universe, attempting to experience reality, whatever that is. It's really quite hilarious.

tall penguin


CyberLizard said...

Absurdity and over-the-top awesomeness seem to be major themes in my life right now, while simultaneously being incredibly profound and meaningful. All that stardust coalescing over billions of years has led to this? How fantastically absurd and amazing! I can honestly say that I love my life :-D

tall penguin said...

Ya, I'm lovin' my life right now too. It's strange that it can be so absurd and so utterly enjoyable at the same time. Life is so weird.