Friday, March 19, 2010


I recently celebrated the Indian Festival of Colors, Holi, at a Bollywood dance event called Besharam. The club holding the event garbage-bagged one of their lounge rooms from top to bottom so we could enjoy throwing around the colored powders associated with the festival. In India, the festival usually lasts sixteen days and celebrates the beginning of Spring. I got to enjoy it for just a few hours, but managed to do some major color damage in that time. And I've got the pictures to prove it. (Credit to the event photographer, Nari Mavalwalla.)

I can't wait to go to India one day and celebrate with the locals. Of course, I can only imagine how stained I'd be after two weeks of this. After the event I went to, my chest was green for a week and the undergarments I wore are now permanently tie-dyed. But it was so worth it.

tall penguin


Ganga Fondan said...

Hey TallPenguin!!!
That looks like loads of fun. Gives a whole new meaning to powdering your nose!!!!

You look GREAT!!!


joshsaltzman said...

This looks like a colorful time. I'm OUTTA HERE!