Monday, January 4, 2010

Remembering Lhasa de Sela

The fibromyalgia is flaring today. I am tired. I am in pain. And I am grieving. I just found out that one of my favorite musical artists passed away. Lhasa de Sela, died January 1st after a 21-month battle with breast cancer, at the age of 37. Singing in English, French and Spanish, Lhasa's music was unlike any other. Her sultry vocals and penetrating lyrics combined to make a listening experience that was deeply emotional and inspiring.

I stumbled upon Lhasa's music shortly after the release of her second album, The Living Road. It came along at a time in my life where it said for me so much I could not say for myself. This is the gift of music, the gift of speaks for us. I remember driving around the city in my old VW Jetta late at night playing this CD over and over. It was like a conversation with a friend. Her music gave me an outlet for my feelings and her voice never failed to soothe me.

It seems strange to cry over someone I've never met. But is it? Art binds us in ways we can never fully comprehend, in ways that defy explanation.

From one of my favorite Lhasa works, "Anywhere On This Road":

"I love this hour
When the tide is just turning
There will be an end
To the longing and yearning
If i can stand up
To angels and men
I’ll never get swallowed
In darkness again

You’ve travelled this long
You just have to go on
Don’t even look back to see
How far you’ve come
Though your body is bending
Under the load
There is nowhere to stop
Anywhere on this road"

Lhasa, you will be missed. Thank you for you.

tall penguin

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Eric said...

I don't think it's weird. I cried when I heard that Elliott Smith died.