Wednesday, January 6, 2010

In Memoriam...

I wrote yesterday about the passing of musical artist Lhasa de Sela at the age of 37. Off her last album, Lhasa, released in 2009, there is a hauntingly beautiful track called, "I'm Going In" which will hit you as a heart-wrenching farewell.

Here are the song lyrics:

I'm Going In
by Lhasa de Sela

When my lifetime had just ended
And my death had just begun
I told you I’d never leave you
But I knew this day would come

Give me blood for my blood wedding
I am ready to be born
I feel new
As if this body were the first I’d ever worn

I need straw for the straw fire
I need hard earth for the plow
Don't ask me to reconsider
I am ready to go now

I'm going in I’m going in
This is how it starts
I can see in so far
But afterwards we always forget
Who we are

I'm going in I’m going in
I can stand the pain
And the blinding heat
'Cause I won't remember you
The next time we meet

You'll be making the arrangements
You'll be trying to set me free
Not a moment for the meeting
I'll be busy as a bee

You'll be talking to me
But I just won't understand
I'll be falling by the wayside
You'll be holding out your hand

Don't you tempt me with perfection
I have other things to do
I didn't burrow this far in
Just to come right back to you

I'm going in I’m going in
I have never been so ugly
I have never been so slow
These prison walls get closer now
The further in I go

I'm going in I’m going in
I like to see you from a distance
And just barely believe
And think that
Even lost and blind
I still invented love

I'm going in
I’m going in
I’m going in

And here is a video someone put up on youtube of images to the song (I'm not crazy about the video but at least you get to hear the song). Her voice will move you. I'm sure of it.

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