Saturday, January 9, 2010

I still believe in love...

It hurts
And it's irrational
And it leaves me broken and bruised
But I still believe in love.

It is just so many chemicals
And firing synapses
And mental arguments
But I still believe in love.

It leaves me crying out
In the middle of the night
To an unseen god,
Begging for mercy
And explanation;
It is the silence that answers back
But I still believe in love.

It is the cold hand of grief
And the fiery finger of lust
The gaze of Medusa
And the Siren's song.
It is death and life
And every twisted moment in between
But I still believe in love.

It is his sweet breath on my neck
At the end of the day
And his words of farewell
Come morning.
It is my heaving chest
In the throes of freedom
And my tears
When all is done.

It is heaven
And hell
And sweet purgatory
The last light of day
And the christening
Of dawn.
It is clay
And mortar
Silk and satin
Leather and lace.
But I still believe in love.

It is the spider's kiss
And the butterfly's wings
A newborn child
And an aborted dream.
It is the wind and the rain
And the scorching sun
But I still believe in love.

It is the dream
Within the dream
Within the dream
The neverending story
And the star of the show.
It is the beauty
And the beast
The legend
And the widow
The hero
And the soldier.

It is black
And crimson
And cerulean blue.
The Alpha
The Omega
The First and The Last
And the crowd in the few.
But I still believe in love.

It is the end of the beginning
The beginning of the end
The words on a blank page
And the art carried within.
It is the bones and sinew
The flesh and the blood
The levee and the concrete
And the unexpected flood.

It is the way his eyes reveal me
And the way they shut me down
It is the sound of one hand clapping
And the way a child drowns
It is every unsent letter
Sealed with bloody candle wax
The faceless in the mirror
But I still believe in love.

It is the tombstone
Made of granite
And the mattress
Made of hay
It is being lost
And being found
And being lead astray.

It leaves us wanting
It leaves us still
It leaves us wondering
It leaves us ill.
It leaves us naked
And craving death;
It leaves us,
Oh how it leaves us
But I still believe in love.

I still believe in love.

tall penguin


Loki711 said...
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Loki711 said...

Oh Penguin, thank you for your verse,
And for such beautiful discourse.

To start with chemistry and bio,
Transition into God, and crying.
Then Greek mythology and sex,
Have made this poem most complex.

But most of all i loved your words.
Oh how they danced and flew like birds.
The rhythm kept me on my toes,
Sometimes beguiling into prose.

The message, though, i must debate,
Without trying to berate.
For Love, oh Penguin, as you write
Is something that is always right.

In bringing joy, and pain, and tears,
For making us confront our fears,
In giving much and taking too,
We always know it to be true.

So when you say that you "believe",
This concept i can not conceive.
For love to me is way of life,
And holds through victory and strife.

For how can you believe in love,
When it's what all life is made of.
Like saying you believe in air,
Or water, sunshine, or in prayer.

Without you, there is no love,
It needs a host to live out of.
Believe in it or not, Pingu,
Just know that Love believes in You!

tall penguin said...

Incredible words in response, Loki!

tall penguin said...

Whether it is what we are or a belief system we hold or the random firings of our evolutionary presets, I choose love. It will kill as much of me as it brings to life, I have no doubt. But I shall love nonetheless.

wraithinwings said...

It moved me dear, it's beautiful. I have tears in my eyes. Much love