Monday, January 25, 2010


I co-hosted a party on the weekend and guess who showed up?! No fanfare for such a famous guest. He just came in and mingled his way into the crowd.

It didn't take long though for him to find his way to the alcohol.

Nor did it take him long to down a few shots and start making a fool out of his intoxicated self. This guy really knows how to blend.

Then he hopped on my computer and started muckin' about with my music playlist. The nerve! Nobody touches the playlist and lives!

But he put on some kickass breakdance music and showed us some moves, so all was forgiven.

And then he became my Bollywood dance partner. Jai ho!

He then perused the host's book collection looking for some interesting conversation topics...

...only to receive a good old-fashioned scolding from Jeff for his views on nanotechnology.

He then retreated to the kitchen in search of sugary snacks.

As the evening mellowed, he wowed us with his music skills.

He bid us farewell and headed out into the night.

Unfortunately, the tequila overtook him and he stumbled into the picnic table.

Game over. But what a great night!

tall penguin

(Photos courtesy of Chihoe and Deena.)


Bubbles of doom said...

ROFL! Too good! I saw our honoured guest at the party but clearly I did not realize all that he was getting up to!


tall penguin said...

You don't know the half of it! There are photos and video that we cannot even post! That Homer is one crazyass mofo! ;)

joshbuddy said...

Note to self: Mush put Homer in dishwasher.