Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Book: Day Two

Pages Written Today: A mere 73 words, but they're really good words. In fact, I may have figured out my starting point for it all. No easy feat.

I must admit to working more diligently on "My Year in Books" post. It's my project of choice right now, although I am still percolating THE BOOK on the back-burner.

I can see that the most important part of this whole book-writing process is, for now anyhow, getting into the act of writing daily, making it a part of my routine. I haven't had a routine of any sort since leaving the Jehovah's Witnesses, which can only be described as an overly routined life. It seems I needed time to be without any semblance of that life for the past four years. Only now do I see the value of some routine. It's my choice now what I want to impose on my day. But it's still difficult for me.

I can see that making write daily my mantra is going to take some conscious effort on my part. So forgive me if I'm sparse on quantity for the first little while. My first goal is to get used to writing at all on a daily basis. I trust that, from there, the quantity will follow. And from there, I hope, the quality. It's all about evolution. And not scaring myself away before I even get a chance to get my feet under me.

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