Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Book: Day Ten

Pages Written Today: 1.5

I wrote. Stuff is coming back to me. Memory is a tricky thing though. It's hard to decipher fact from fantasy. The further you get from an event, the more likely your brain has added to it, rewritten it in some way, or otherwise altered the past.

I have asked my friend J, the infamous J who I left the Jehovah's Witnesses with, who subsequently became my boyfriend for two years, then dumped me and is now my friend again, to send me all our email correspondence during the time we were together. Along with my blog entries, I think that will give me a more accurate picture of what happened in those first years just after we left the JW's. Why don't I have those emails? Well, in the name of catharsis, I deleted a bunch of past relationship stuff some time ago. It seemed like a good idea at the time but now seems like the worst idea ever.

Mental Note: Cathartic bonfires good for normal people; not good for writers.

tall penguin


Anthony said...

Your mental note is brilliant!
I'm really enjoying your blog, it's good reading. You are an excellent writer.

You'll see me pop up once in awhile, now that I'm here. Usually on posts that don't have comments, unless I feel inspired to "interrupt" the conversation.


tall penguin said...

Thanks Anthony. Great to have you here. Geez, you keep reading and you're gonna know way too much about me. But I guess that's the point, eh? :)