Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Book: Day Six

Pages Written Today: 1

I spent much of the day with my parents, who are becoming cooler by the minute. We've come a very long way in the past four years since my leaving the Jehovah's Witnesses. Although they're still active members, they don't shun me, we get together regularly now for shopping and meals and we call each other much more often now on the phone. This is HUGE for them, since active JW's aren't supposed to socialize with an "apostate" like me, even if we're family. The official dogma states that they're supposed to communicate with me only in the case of an emergency, not actively "fellowshipping" with me. So, kudos to my parents for being as freethinking as they can while in a cult. I must say I'm mighty impressed with them.

The thought also crossed my mind that it's very possible that by year's end when I have a manuscript of some sort ready, my folks may actually be ready to read it. My deepest hope is that they would give it their blessing before it's published. A year is a long time and I have much confidence in our growing relationship. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

tall penguin

p.s. I don't know precisely when it happened but sometime in the past week, I have accepted the fact that I am a writer. Not just accepted, but welcomed, embraced and danced with the fact that I am a writer. Let me say that again. I am a writer. It feels all warm and fuzzy, like falling in love. Maybe I'm the one I've been waiting for. Huh.

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