Monday, January 25, 2010

Asleep on the job...

This made national news here last week in Canada. This photo, taken by a passerby, captures a Toronto transit fare collector asleep on the job. The photo was tweeted and has now become an internet sensation, as well as a source of controversy. The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), the sleeper's employer, is taking commuters to task for not checking to see if the toll collector was alright, stating that he could've been ill or unconscious, not just sleeping.

Nice attempt at damage control, TTC. You fucked us over with yet another fare hike in the new year, you pay a number of your fare collectors salaries that hover in the six figures! and then have the nerve to imply that we're irresponsible. Asshats all.

The silver lining? Since the story hit the net, photoshop enthusiasts have been having fun. Check out this post at BlogTO for some laughs.

tall penguin


Chihoe said...

I am pro public transit and TTC, most of the time. This has really left a bad taste in my mouth. Fire these goddamn employees who not only do not perform their duties well, but are rude. And they get paid for doing this, sleep on their jobs! Unions suck. The arrogance of the union chair with how he put the blame on riders for not tapping on the window to ensure that the employee was feeling well.

There was another incident reported on the news today about how a TTC bus driver put his bus out of service and called the cops because he did not believe a 12-year old boy was his age and demanded his mum pay the addition $1.25. The driver's side of the story was that he was being verbally abused, and if that's really the case, self-protection is fair. But after the rash of negative TTC press, I find it hard to believe since my confidence in them has dropped, alot.

Sorry for the rant. Public transit in Toronto is a disappointment.

tall penguin said...

Great rant, Chihoe. What really gets me is the money these people make. Six figures?! For collecting fares?! Come on.

Chihoe said...

I can do what they do better for even half of what they get paid. Machines can too.