Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Sometimes, late at night, just before sleep overtakes my weary eyes, a smile comes upon my face. I'm not sure from where it arises. I can rarely recall a preceding thought to warrant the expression. But there I am, lying in my bed, with a smile on my face that would make the Buddha, well, smile.

At that moment, I like to imagine that there are gods in the heavens playing a game of Telephone. But the celestial version is, of course, perfect and profoundly simple, so the message gets relayed without any errors:

Smile. Pass it on.

And somehow, at two in the morning on a random Monday, the message reaches me. It doesn't feel like a whisper in my ear though. It feels much more like the wings of angels reaching out and upturning my lips. Perhaps a smile is the kiss of God.

tall penguin

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