Friday, December 25, 2009

Life Soundtrack...

I have a Life Soundtrack. It's a collection of songs that I imagine would be played over a montage of images of my life, like they do in the movies. I've added to it over the years, and occasionally subtracted from it, but the core of it has remained the same for at least four years now. It's my favorite playlist for my late night walks through my city. Actually, it's my favorite playlist. Period.

Interestingly, many of my selections are instrumentals. I love music without words. I love the images my mind creates to go along with them. And I love the emotional journey they take me on. But the songs with lyrics are also so very special to me. Both the words and the melodies tell a story.

Songs that make the Life Soundtrack seem to choose me. Over the years, they have found me, coming to me from varied, and sometimes odd, sources and often at the most serendipitous of times. Each song captures well the journey that I call my life. And no matter how many times I listen to this soundtrack, it still moves me. To laughter. To tears. To a glowing appreciation of all that was and will be.

I'm not going to share it with you though. I bet you thought I was, didn't you? Well, I thought about it, and up until two minutes ago, I was going to, but It's too personal. It would be like letting you hold up a mirror to every line on my face. There's something kind of sacred about the Life Soundtrack. All I can say is, make one of your own. You'll be surprised.

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