Friday, December 25, 2009

Always Take The Weather With You...

He was all the way across the world now. He may as well have been across the universe, he was so far away from her. She checked the weather every day. Not her weather, but the weather where he was. She smiled every time she saw sun in his forecast. If it could not be her kissing his skin she was happy that the sun would fill in.

She could still feel his arms wrapped around her the night before they parted.

"Remember me here," he said, pulling her closer, "I'm always right here."

She laid on his chest and breathed him in. Deeply. She hoped she could remember all of him. She hoped that even if her mind forgot, her body would remember.

tall penguin


Anonymous said...

Even a journey to the moon is not
far for souls that traverse decades
in days.

If only the sun could learn to love
so true...

From Mountain tops to lush
Plantations to River boats through
the valley, I have seen the sun
always...yet never the same.


tall penguin said...

Beautiful words, A. Just beautiful. I am deeply moved.