Saturday, October 31, 2009


...I could spend every night for the rest of my life on a dance floor, I would be one happy penguin. Nothing feels more natural to me than moving to music. Doesn't matter where in the world the music is from, if it's got a beat, I can dance to it.

Some of my earliest pictures as a child are of me dancing. At the age of 5, I would choreograph dance numbers in my bedroom listening to 45's my parents bought me. I would practice and practice and then call my family into the living room to watch my performance. For reasons I will never understand, my mother put me in gymnastics class instead of dance class. I hated it. With a passion.

Life takes odd turns and sometimes you're left wondering what if. Is it too late to become what I might have been? I wonder.

tall penguin

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Ganga Fondan said...

That is a joyous posting Penguin!!!
Go for it. What is too late? Who decides these things??? Go for it!!! Dance to your heart's content. It is the universe aching to converse with you. Love ya tons. Thanks for the Gilbert link too. haven't had a chance to watch it yet. Happy Halloween. Have fun!!!!