Saturday, October 17, 2009

Established Men

I'm sitting up watching TV; it's almost 3:00 a.m. and an infomercial comes on from a company called At this time of night, I'm used to seeing ads for dating sites and phone sex lines, but this particular infomercial went further. It became obvious pretty quickly that this site's agenda is to hook up young, beautiful women (Gold-digging princesses) with "established" men (Sugar Daddies) for relationships (sex). I had to look up the site because, frankly, I thought it was a joke. I don't remember getting the memo where prostitution became acceptable late-night infomercial fodder.

So, I hop over to the official site to find a very real service, whose tagline is "Where Beautiful Girls and Successful Men Meet". The main page says it all: "Welcome to a brand new service catering to ambitious and attractive girls seeking successful and generous benefactors to fulfill their lifestyle needs."

Here's a story that ABC Nightline did on the company.

Thank Goddess such a service exists. I'm so completely overjoyed that shallow people can find, and use, each other in this big ole world. Just please, use a condom; I hate it when ignorance spawns.

tall penguin


Phaedron Rising said...

It's pretty sad, but at least there's honesty in it.

It's for men who don't have the confidence to meet beautiful women on their own, and women who don't have the means, the aptitude, the ambition, or the good luck to have access to lots of money on their own.

It's no different, in a moral sense, than a wealthy man buying a Ferrari to show off his wealth, or a stunning girl wearing a low-cut dress to show off her beauty. It's there to show off a one-dimensional aspect of yourself for the attention of whoever is drawn to it.

This just adds in a middle man, and gives one less excuse for cognitive dissonance.

From the looks of it, this service helps two people find superficial fulfilment. It's not wrong, but it sure doesn't sound very satisfying.

tall penguin said...

Well said, PR. I don't have a moral issue with this, aside from the fact that these men could definitely be using their money more wisely...i.e. food and meds for impoverished children rather than Louboutin shoes and Prada handbags. But I digress.

Honestly, I think prostitution should be legalized. Two consenting adults engaging in any kind of mutual relationship is fine with me. And as you point out, there is a level of "honesty" here. It's a business transaction, which I feel most marriages are anyhow.

But as I said, I just hope procreation is not on their list of relationship goals. There's enough shallow, clueless people on the planet raising children.

Ged said...

"This just adds in a middle man..."

That's where the problem may lie: I don't have a moral issue with prostitution, as long as everyone stays healthy. It's the pimps that cause the trouble one way or another and it's always the girls that suffer the consequences.