Sunday, October 18, 2009

Churches Attacking Children as Witches

We need to grow up as a species. Seriously. This shit shouldn't happen. It's 2009. Haven't we learned anything yet?

According to the linked story at msnbc, a number of children in Nigeria are being accused of being witches by their neighborhood pastors. The article states:

The idea of witchcraft is hardly new, but it has taken on new life recently partly because of a rapid growth in evangelical Christianity. Campaigners against the practice say around 15,000 children have been accused in two of Nigeria's 36 states over the past decade and around 1,000 have been murdered. In the past month alone, three Nigerian children accused of witchcraft were killed and another three were set on fire.

Now, you know I'm not a big fan of organized religion, and have a particular contempt for Fundamental Christianity, so it's no surprise that this spins me into a frenzy. It saddens and enrages me that children are being beaten, maimed and killed because someone in the name of "God" thinks they're evil. It's bad enough that people continue to believe in their imaginary Sky Daddy, but to take it a step further and decide that their Sky Daddy has given them special powers to detect witchcraft and practice exorcisms, well, that's just madness. Really. It's psychotic behavior.

And I'm the one on meds. Sigh.

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CyberLizard said...

These people thoroughly disgust me and make me want to rethink my pacifism. I saw a documentary on these kids. Actually, I only saw a little bit; I had to leave, it was breaking my heart. I would literally give up my life for my children. How can these fuckers do that to their own kids? Makes me want to rip their fucking heads off.


The evangelicals and the catholics (for their "condoms cause AIDS" pope) have blood on their hands big time. And I hope the get held accountable.

Ged said...

This is capitalism taken to its most twisted extreme. The Nigerian churches are competing fiercely for a limited market. They're selling zero benefits so they have to make not buying as unattractive as possible. You better make sure you are a fully paid up member if you don't want your kid accused of witchcraft.