Sunday, October 18, 2009

10 Ways I Know Winter is Fast Approaching

I hate Winter. Or rather, Winter hates me. It's only two weeks until Daylight Saving Time ends and already my body is in full revolt. So, how do I know that Winter is fast approaching? Let me count the ways:

1. Out of nowhere, I've gained five pounds.

2. Every morning, my body feels like it's been hit by a MACK truck.

3. I bought a bag of Oreos the other day and they weren't even on sale.

4. I'm making a list of must-have bubble baths.

5. I haven't eaten a piece of fruit in days.

6. Facebook is becoming my main way of connecting with the outside world.

7. I cry. A lot.

8. I actually know what's on television.

9. My book, DVD and music collection is expanding rapidly.

10. I have daily conversations attempting to convince myself that life is about more than staying home, sleeping and eating carbohydrates. (I have yet to succeed, by the way. These days, life looks so much better from my apartment window, me wrapped in a duvet, tenderly caressing a bag of Lay's.)

How long until Spring?

tall penguin


mememe said...

Heyy..Stop crying!!!

tall penguin said...

hahaha. I'll do my best, my friend. I'll do my best.

CyberLizard said...

I've got a friend with SAD. It can be rough. Personally, I love the winter. The cooler air invigorates me. I feel like a slug during the summer; lethargic and slimy. The winter gets me charged up. Maybe if summers here didn't last for 9 months and didn't resemble saunas, I might feel differently.

tall penguin said...

Wow, there are actually people who like Winter? It never even occurred to me that such people might exist. Huh. Who knew?

Ya, SAD sucks big time. I'm hoping the doc will let me get back on light therapy this Winter but I'm not sure I can do it in combo with the new meds. We'll see. Always a fine balance.

You really like Winter? I'm having a hard time getting my head around that. I'll take your sauna summers over these long, dark, cold Canadian winters any day.

v said...

You can put 2 people on your winter lovers list. I'll take winter over summer any day!

However, it does help that my favorite things to do all fall in winter: play hockey, snowboard and sled. Have you tried any of those?

Much love.

tall penguin said...

I used to toboggan as a kid. And I still enjoy ice skating. I do love the beauty of a snowfall and the calm of the city blanketed in snow. And I enjoy being cozied up in my apartment. If Winter didn't bring me all the other issues, I think I could enjoy it. But Costa Rica looks better and better with each passing year. :)