Saturday, September 12, 2009

To sleep, perchance...

Sometimes, before I close my eyes on the day, it occurs to me that sleeping is a leap of faith. We do not know for sure whether we will awake to another day.  

Of course, life in general perches precariously on the unknown.  Any moment could be our last. But somehow when we're awake and move through our day, we seem to be in control of our own mortality, or at least feel that way.  But when we sleep, when we close our eyes, we submit our life to the great world of the unconscious.  If we surrender to death while we sleep, it is unlikely that we will even be aware in the moments before, as opposed to dying during wakefulness.   

Yes, these really are the things I think about before bed.  No wonder I need help from Mother Pharmaceutical to sleep.  It's all good.  I like my mind.  Crazy as it may be, it's fun to watch.  

tall penguin

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