Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Praise the MacGods!!!

So, I finally got myself a new MacBook!!!  Can I get a Hallelujah in da house!!!

Here is my new 13-inch white MacBook:

As you may recall, my last PowerBook met an untimely demise when I tripped over its power cord two months ago and sent it crashing to the floor. It was particularly sad as I didn't have a back-up and was unsure if the hard drive could be recovered.  Well, "God is in his heaven and all's right with the world": the new MacBook is now in my possession; the recovered hard drive has been restored and all my writing, music and photos are safe and sound.  

And I have PhotoBooth!!!  Which means you will now be smothered with photos of the tall penguin in real time.  Here's a few from the last twenty-four hours to whet your appetite.

Me and my Goddess pal, G:

And I, the ever-pensive penguin, after a long day of writing, painting and contemplation:

I haven't been this happy with a piece of hardware since I got my first Hitachi Magic Wand. Go Mac!!!  

tall penguin


Anonymous said...

So happy for you to get Mac Back..i had a broken screen last year and cried my eyes out. Got it repaied in Florida for 300 bucks.. so now I treat Mac with the ultimate care. I love reading your blogs... keep it up.. x0x0

CyberLizard said...

So is the Magic Wand really all that? I've been reluctant to drop all that coin on a toy.

Of course the Macs are totally worth it. I'm still trying to talk the Mrs. into a new MacBook Pro. Hmmm, maybe if she got a Magic Wand, she'd be more receptive...

tall penguin said...

Thanks Anon!

CL, lol. Yes, indeed the Magic Wand is really all that. Well worth every single penny. And yes, I'm willing to bet that if you purchased one for the wifey she would be putty in your hands for the purchase of a new MacBook Pro or anything else for that matter. ;)

matt said...

Welcome back to the internets!
Beautiful pictures!
(Tell G I miss her! :))
Glad to have you around, dear!