Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I have loved many men in this life. Some of them have even loved me.

It is an odd thing when a past lover reappears on your life's stage. There is this unexplainable stirring, this insatiable curiosity...why here? Why now?

And your body flashes through every moment you shared--every kiss, every night of ecstasy, every tear. And you wonder. You wonder...why here? Why now?

And so, you play songs that remind you of what was, clinging to the threads of a path untraveled, knowing that there is nothing but a story and a soundtrack for all your joy, for all your heartbreak. And yet, still, you wonder...why here? Why now?

tall penguin


Ganga Fondan said...

That is the ecstatic thrill and eternal question of life my dear Tall Penguin? Why not here? Why not now?


tall penguin said...

Yes, I tend to forget about the "why not". So happy I have you to remind me. :)

matt said...

Always remember the little things that are actually the biggest, most important questions in life! :D