Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Computer Update...

The latest on the laptop fiasco of 2009 is that the hard drive looks like it can be recovered. Phew. To get it all up and running, replacing all the dead bits, will be about $400. I'm in the process of deciding whether it's worth putting the money into a five year old model, as a new one is $1149. I'm leaning towards asking the Mac Gods for a new one:

"Oh dear God of Mac, please bestow upon me a shiny, new, MacBook with 120 GB hard drive and Intel Core 2 Duo Processor. I will be forever grateful and promise to promote your products to my friends and loved ones wherever I may go. For thine is the Ipower and the Iglory, forever and ever, Amen."

All such prayers on my behalf are welcome.

tall penguin


jdbartlett said...

Apple also has pretty good deals (and full warranties) on their refurbs, if it helps: (Plus you get that wonderful self-righteous feeling of having purchased a recycled product!)

Peter M said...

Hey TP!

Second vote for a Mac refurb. You'll get more for your money, I think. Not a bad time to upgrade to a new/refurb Mac, perhaps this was a sign from, you know, Thor?

But please, *PLEASE* get an external drive for Time Machine backups. (Friends don't let friends compute without backups.)

If you do go with the new/refurb and need some help transferring data, I'd be happy to help.