Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Stand and Be Heard

Interestingly, I just received a newsletter from a former colleague who is in education and she included a link to this New York Times article about a classroom in Minnesota, USA, where Sixth Grade teacher Abby Brown, in conjunction with a local ergonomic furniture company, created a set of specialty desks that give students the option to stand or sit during class. (Photo by Ben Garvin)

Anyone who has ever worked with children knows that sitting still is not only difficult for most kids (and some adults, including myself), but that the energy spent trying to keep still often interferes with the process of learning. I worked with enough ADHD kids who spent so much time shifting in their chairs trying to keep still that they missed most of what the teacher was saying.

The desks have adjustable stools and swinging footrests, allowing the students to sit or stand as they see fit. I love interventions like this. They honor the individual learner, giving the power back to the child to learn in a way that works for them.

This is creativity at its best. Bravo Abby Brown!

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