Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Sound of Music at Antwerp Central Station

Wow. I believe this is one of those groups that shows up in public spaces and does improv performances. Anyone with more info feel free to comment.

This delighted me greatly. Gave me shivers of joy. Even got me a little teary. I love watching people do what they love. Art in action is one the deep pleasures in life. Beautiful.

tall penguin

Edited to add: Apparently, it's a promotion for a new reality TV show in Belgium. Here's the full story. (Thanks Elizabeth for the link.)


Elizabeth said...

So neat! I am Googling for more information as well, and stumbled across your blog. I absolutely love the moment when the first man breaks out into dance. Wouldn't you have loved to be there??

Elizabeth said...

All explained:

hannabelle said...

Watched the video...Demi Moore had posted this link on her twitter page, I saw the words 'Julie Andrews' and immediately followed the link (huge fan!)

Wish I was's freakin awesome!