Thursday, April 30, 2009


Monday morning I went to post an entry here and the big black symbols of internet doom appeared on my screen: ERROR 404. I spent a few hours fiddling with DNS and CNAME junk, to no avail. So, I let it be. And today, voila, here it is fully functioning once more.

This inflicted pause gave me some time to reflect on what I write here and who writes here and what am I doing here?! I am in a wondering stage right now. I wonder whether this blog in its current form best represents where I am now. I no longer consider myself a former Jehovah's Witness. I do not consider myself a former anything. Nor do I consider myself a humanist. I am just me. I am just. I am.

This journey we've taken together has been long and meandering, painful and triumphant. I'm not sure whether to leave this blog up as a testimony to that journey and the hope that it will be of use to someone on a similar path, or whether I should pull it down and start anew with something else. Or perhaps there is a middle ground where I can just continue on from here and reinvent what "tall penguin" represents.

Blogging is a strange medium for expression. Very different from writing a book or something else concrete that can't be edited later or deleted or changed into another form. There are so many options here.

I wonder what I will do next.

tall penguin


Umlud said...

Glad that Tall Penguin is back online. I was a little worried about its sudden disappearance.

I hope you continue posting here, having your blog continue. I have been enjoying reading (and occasionally commenting on) your open and honest posts.

In any case, I hope whatever you decide works for you.

TheWisdomOfWoof said...

Maybe we need "Tall Penguin: The Broadway Musical".

Can you imagine the costumes and music score? Which popular actors would play which parts?

The mind boggles!

hannabelle said...

I can understand that you want to start afresh with a new set of experiences and perspective, but....stop blogging altogether?? No!!!

Well, when you're inspired to use blogging as a medium again please don't forget to add me in on your journey because I think you're a great writer and even awesome-er person. Maybe you ought to know so that you finally discover the identity of your stalker, hehe...I probably read all of your posts through my google reader, even if I never actually went on your site.

You are too cool ;)

tall penguin said...

Thank you all for the love. Your comments helped to remind me that I don't need to throw it all away but can move on from here, recreating as I go. I am grateful to have such powerful mirrors in my readers to see what the next step is. Thank you again.

As for Tall Penguin: The Broadway Musical, well, let's see, how might that look? Funny, I'm seeing Harrison Ford playing my father. :) Not sure he can sing, but he's one cool cat, like my Dad.

As for the rest, not sure. Who would play me? I'll have to ponder that a bit more. Maybe Halle Berry? I would trust her to be able to do my full emotional range. ;)