Thursday, January 15, 2009

The tree that is me...

We see our world through our thoughts and projections. A friend said once, "Your thoughts about a tree are not the tree." Yes. I see the world through the lens of my experience, projections of an illusory past or projected future. The more time I spend in the now, the more "real " I feel; alert, present, alive. And yet, strangely disconnected. How can I ever know a tree? How can I ever know what it is to be tree? Perhaps the form does not matter. Maybe there is something that connects us all beyond form.

I can sit in a room for hours with someone and never really feel like I'm connecting with them at all. How can I really know another? What does it mean to connect? I can tell you about what it's like to be me. But that is changing constantly. And words will never suffice. It's all story. Is there something beyond words that we all share? Is there a way I can truly be with you, truly understand what you are? Perhaps it comes back to me. What am I really?

I have spent a lot of time with babies. They seem to know something I have forgotten. I wonder if it is the acquisition of language that changes everything. That once we begin to have words to weave a story about who we are and what the world around us is, the sense of oneness dissolves. Whenever I look into an infant's eyes, I see a purity, a deep wisdom and knowing that I can't explain. Is it possible to return to that state of innocence, that state of wonder, that state of purity, where words dissolve and there is only what is?

tall penguin

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molly said...

Tall Penguin,

Yes. It is totally possible to return to that space of which you speak. Probably many paths to the top of the mountain, but I know of one for sure.....

Peace to you,