Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Sometimes, I cry out of joy. Sometimes, out of sorrow. Sometimes because my heart feels empty. Sometimes because it is so full it feels like it will burst. Sometimes, the tears sting like the sun on my face. Sometimes, they soothe like balm. Sometimes, the water gathers beneath the surface for days before erupting into waves. Sometimes, months. Sometimes, years. And sometimes, the tears are new, like snowflakes on the first day of Winter. Sometimes, they stream like waterfalls. Sometimes, they drip slowly, intermittently, agonizingly slow. Sometimes, it seems like there is only one tear that just goes on and on. And sometimes, there are tears that never take form. They sit behind my eyes like silent strangers.

I would not trade any of my tears. They have created an ocean for me to swim, the vast waters within which my life has emerged. I am these tears. I am this ocean. I am.

tall penguin

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jdbartlett said...

I love your posts so much lately.

Thank you.