Saturday, January 10, 2009

Auld Lang Syne

"For all that has been: Thanks.
For all that shall be: Yes."
~~Dag Hammarskjöld

I took my blog down to reflect. There was nothing pressing for me to say here and it hit me that some of my rants betrayed the "terrible" two-year-old in me that was desperately in need of attention. Rather than share that with the world, I took some downtime to nurture that child, learn some lessons and wait until I was back in a space where I felt I had something truly of value to say.

This blog has been quite the journey. It started off as a means of unclogging my brain and the only consistent way I could communicate with my then-boyfriend. It then turned into a therapy tool for venting, questionning and processing my post-cult experience. Then it evolved into a very raw exposure of what it means to be a human trying to understand what it means to be human. I wanted the blog to stand as a testimony to the struggles of self-realization, the view from inside the cocoon as the caterpillar attempts to become a butterfly. This made me incredibly vulnerable at times. It's dark, gooey and frankly, a little grotesque inside the cocoon.

I appreciate the safety you've all given me to be vulnerable here. You saw me. You listened to me. You challenged me. My friend D takes the old adage It takes a village to raise a child and spins it to It takes a village to live a life. Yes. Thank you all for being part of my village.

As I begin 2009, my intention for the blog is to continue to reflect on the questions of life, what it means to be human, and to continue to radiate a sense of wonder for the seemingly small delicacies of life that bring a smile to my face. I hold 2009 in my consciousness as a year of great change, great growth and deeper knowing. I wish you all radical gratitude and acceptance as the next twelve months unfold.

tall penguin


Elessa said...

welcome back! i was wondering what had happened to the site. i am also very glad i didn't remove the bookmark, but instead checked daily to see if there was a change.

may this new year bring you success, accomplishments and peace of spirit.

tall penguin said...

Thank you Elessa.

Anonymous said...

I also missed your posts and wondered what happened. I am relieved that you are alright. Welcome back indeed.
I've spent the last few days off from work going through and reorganizing 20 years of records, bills and miscellanea representing change, learning, life and death, triumph and tragedy. The process of looking at it all and remembering my journey has been quite the emotional roller coaster ride and it has had me in an introspective mood I must say.
Point is, the bad times never last and the good times, friends and family keep you going.