Sunday, November 2, 2008


CyberLizard tagged me to write six random things about myself as part of a "blog meme". It's sort of a blog chain letter. In usual tall penguin fashion, I'm not going to follow the rules by tagging six others to continue the meme, but I did want to do the exercise. Curious myself to see what comes out of it.

So, here we go...six random things about myself that you don't already know:

1. I order Creme Brulee in restaurants because I enjoy cracking the caramelized sugar on top. Yes, I am Amelie.
2. I still have one of the original Care Bears from back in the 80's. Well-loved, well-worn. Which one you ask? Bedtime Bear, of course.
3. I have a love/hate relationship with cats. Basically, I love to hate them. Yes, yes, I know...I'm supposed to love all of God's furry creatures, but alas I do not. And we could go into all kinds of psychoanalysis as to why this is. It could be because our first family pet was a neurotic cat named Ginger. It could be because I reject my own feline nature. It could be because I've only ever met one cat I respected (Sasha, you ROCK!). Whatever the reasons, I am not a fan of the cat's work. Ironically, I have recently acquired a cat poster from fellow blogger Irregular Tammie, which now graces my bathroom wall. It combines my loathing of cats with my newly found fondness for smoking.
4. I'm secretly beginning to enjoy disagreeing with people. I'm sure this is how wars get started. I'll do my best to use my powers for good and not evil.
5. I'm a counter. I count ceiling tiles, panes of glass, the paintings on my kitchen wall; anything that forms a square, I will count. It's obsessive, not compulsive. I do not think bad things will happen if I don't count, I just count. And related to this, ever since I learned shorthand back in Grade 12 Notetaking class my fingers or tongue automatically spell out every word I see in shorthand.
6. I love the way my body curls, contorts, rises and falls during orgasm. For someone who only experienced her first orgasm at 25, masturbation is now the ultimate journey into self-loving, a connection with the Divine and a deep meditation and exploration of who I really am.

So, there you have it. Just when you thought there was nothing left to learn about the tall penguin.

I leave it to you bloggers out there to tag yourselves if you like. Comment on this entry when you've posted your list and I'll be happy to read it.

tall penguin

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Tammie said...

ha ha ha..glad the poster is bringing you a bit of joy....or something.

maybe you'd like cats more if you knew more cats who smoked.