Sunday, November 2, 2008

Scene From The Bookstore...

Lady customer approaches me:

"Do you have any books on puberty?" she asks.

"Yes, we do. Is it for your daughter?" I ask, motioning to the girl at her side.


"How old is she?" I ask.

"She's 8 but she's already started growin' tits," the mother says.

Woah. Did she just say that? Yup, she did. She just called her daughter's beautiful, budding breasts tits.

Not much more to say on this. Just another day mixin' it up with humanity.

tall penguin


0112etc said...

This woman rushed past me exclaiming "Where are my brats?!"

I'm going to donate some money to planned parenthood, methinks.

This is Julia by the by.

Umlud said...

Ahhh... the greatness of modern society with all those pseudoestrogens just floating around everywhere, causing 8-year-olds to grow "tits", decreasing male fecundity, decreasing the number of boys being born, increasing the likelihood of ovarian and breast cancer, etc...

Don't know exactly why that went through my head when I read your entry... but it did.

Phaedron Rising said...

Or maybe she was feeling awkward as hell, and that was her attempt at deadpan humour.