Friday, November 7, 2008

Kudos to Mom...

So, it might seem from my ranting that there was nothing good about my mother's parenting. Not true. Here's a list of things my mother did that I remember fondly:

1. If I had a friend to our home for a sleepover, Mom would make me us a munchie tray and put it in the fridge before she went to bed so we could wake up in the middle of the night and have snacks.
2. My Mom attended almost every one of my school trips, events and parent/teacher interviews.
3. She took us shopping and modeled for me how to get the best deals on good quality products.
4. She showed me that money can be stretched pretty far with a little creativity and faith. (Did I say faith? You didn't see that. Move along.)
5. She showed me how to be generous with people; with my time, my energy, my love and my money.

Of course, if I wanted to, I'm sure I could make a case to show how all of these things were taken to the extreme or of questionable motive. But that's the great craziness of life isn't it...we can spin the story any way we want to. We can see things through any filter we choose. When it comes down to it, I may not ever know why my mother did the things she did or made the choices she made. I can speculate, extrapolate, interpolate and all manner of other 'ates' but the reality is, who knows why anyone does anything? And, does it really matter anyhow?

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CyberLizard said...

Very nice. I have struggled with my own relationship with my mother. Some of the best things my mother did:

* force me to learn to type
* teach me that race didn't matter
* encourage compassion for those less fortunate than myself

I agree with you about the complexities of this stuff, but it is nice to give credit where credit is due and just freely appreciate what someone has to offer, regardless of their other faults.

aLooFiEd said...'s what can you do? it's like that with my mom to...but I love her nevertheless
being Italian...blessing and a curse right?

what did my mom teach me...lets think:
I suppose everything I know now?