Sunday, October 19, 2008

What are you doing now?

So, I went to my High School Reunion. Well, it wasn't really a reunion so much as the 30th Anniversary of the school's opening. There were folks there from across the last thirty years. Only about a half dozen of them were from my time at the school. I was able to connect with a few of my old teachers though and that was cool.

What struck me though, more than going down memory lane at my old high school, was the walk to and from the building. I got off the bus early so I could take the stroll to school as I had so many times as a teen. I was struck by the beautiful trees that lined my route to school. Their fall colors washed that back-to-school feeling right through me. I stopped along the way and picked a few leaves to commemorate the journey.

After the reunion events, I walked back the same way and recalled that these trees were about the same age as I was. They had been planted when the development opened and my family moved in shortly after I was born. 34 year-old me. 34 year-old trees. Cool.

Reunions bring out one question in every interaction, "What are you doing now?" It's a silly question. As if the last 17 years can be encapsulated in your current job description. I ended up saying, "I paint, write and occasionally sell books in a bookstore." But the trees---they had a better answer. As I was walking home, I asked them, "So trees, what are you doing now?" And they said, "The same thing we've always done---we're being trees."

Being. Just being human. That's what I'm doing now.

tall penguin


Call me Paul said...

Yeah, but they're taller now. And you, well, you're probably more colourful, so I guess it's a tie.

matt said...

That's beautiful! :D

I'm just being a tree from now on. Best of both worlds. :)