Friday, October 10, 2008

Turkey Time...

There is a twenty-pound dead animal thawing in my fridge. And for the first time in my life, it seems wrong to me.

I even found myself hesitating the other day when the roomie asked me to kill a spider in our apartment. If he's not around, I usually just let them live. Not sure what it all means. It's interesting though.

tall penguin


Tim said...

If there was a live turkey in my house, I probably wouldn't kill it (just shoo it outside). But a dead turkey? I'd eat that! Not so much with the spiders. I generally leave them alone dead or alive.

Anonymous said...

..just thawing....don't think UNthawing is a word

onehundredfires said...

i like food that at one point in time had both eyes and parents. so do you. thats all there is to it. i mean if you give up meat you'll have to give up oral sex, both the giving and the receiving or be forever branded hypocrite by all of your friends. i'll be first in line. i already have my ticket for that ride

tall penguin said...

tim, so you'd eat the turkey that someone else has killed but not kill one yourself to eat it?

thanks anon. I always make that goof.

onehundredfires, my oh my. What to say. First of all, yes, I do enjoy meat. But less and less these days. I eat vegetarian most of the time.

I just spent the better part of an evening bathing the turkey to hasten the thawing process. There's something very strange about bathing a dead carcass. And incredibly unappetizing.

As for that other meat, well, I don't quite see the correlation. Oral sex does not usually involve killing.

Oh, and I'm sure there are already plenty of reasons for you to brand me hypocrite.

tim said...

Well, yeah! If I found a live turkey in my house I wouldn't kill and eat it.

Here's my logic; if there was a live turkey in my kitchen it would most likely not be mine. I don't raise turkeys and probably never will. (we had chickens when I was a kid and they are dirty and high-maintenance). I would assume it belonged to someone else so I'd shoo it outside in hopes it would return to it's keeper.

It's not so much that I mind killing turkeys, but I normally don't kill any animal I stumble across, it just seems a mite presumptuous!

I think people in general are happy to kill insects or other "lower" animals because they normally don't "belong" to anyone. They are rarely raised for pets or as a hobby, so they are generally fair "game", as it were. When people encounter lower animals, the convenient solution is to kill it and dispose of the remains.

Most people I've run into don't normally kill and eat any vertebrate they run across in the course of their day (assuming they aren't involved in professional hunting, food processing or fishing) If you found a cow in your yard killing it and disposing of it is probably a lot harder than chasing it out into the street or the neighbors yard.

However, if I found a dead (cleaned and plucked, food-grade) turkey in my kitchen, I'd either put it in the fridge or the oven.

A long explanation for what was originally a lame joke! (my first comment)

Anonymous said...

The turkey would eat you if it had you thawing in its kitchen. Ummm... OK. It would just leave you there and eat the bugs that came to eat you. But that's kinda the same thing. Right?

I always think of my under appreciated (by me) upbringing when I smell a turkey cooking. I get the impressing that your childhood may lack some of the qualities of mine, but don't give up on them. A house full of happy friends talking for hours while a large bird is cooked, eaten, and cleaned up after could turn into a new tradition for you and your friends.

On the bittersweet side, I also remember those times when I realized that my mom needed help moving the turkey from counter to stove and back. But memories are like that. I hope you get to share some wonderful times with your friends and turkeys so you can look back on them in joy and longing and sadness and joy just as I'm doing now.

Thanks for helping me recall them.


Flonkbob said...

I don't object to meat on moral grounds, but I don't eat much of it. Mainly because my infernal organs are involved in a devious plan to kill me by degrees (two or three of them are already gone!) and eating meat hurts most of the time.

But would I kill and clean my own? Sure. Eating meat isn't immoral, it's what we evolved to do. That said, it's very clear that most people eat FAR more meat than they need and are dying because of it. It shouldn't be a staple part of the diet, just a small addition.

Ow! Don't you hate it when you get a splinter in your feet from these darn soapboxes?