Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Subway Connection...

Sometimes the deepest connections I experience are with strangers on the subway. There is this realization that we don't know each other, we'll probably never meet again, so there is only this moment. And all we have is eye contact. We know that words will suffice to say anything in such a short time. We know that this silent witnessing of the other is a divine gift. So we stare intently. We gaze into the truth of the other. And what do we find? We find ourselves looking back.

tall penguin


Umlud said...

This is one of the strongest sensations of attraction I have felt. It's not [always] been a physical one (per se), but it can be almost a physical tugging, like a slap upside the head to pay attention, or a bolt from the blue. I've shared those in the past when looking across a room, down a street, on the bus, etc. It's scary and wonderful at the same time, especially in that moment after eye-contact when you know (somehow) that they are looking back at you in the same way.

That wonder comes from standing at that brink of wondering - playing with the idea, really - of whether it would be a good idea to walk over there and say hello. Your mind might even play along snippets of conversation you [think you] see reflected in those eyes.

And then - more often than not - that transient location in which that connection was made brusquely intrudes, safely whisking each of you away from a "what-if" conversation, a "what-if" touch, a "what-if" life... leaving you with that sense of something special shared - self, perhaps? - yet yours alone.

In those rare instances when reality doesn't impose itself, the rising crest of that potential moment transforms from the initial casual-glance-turned-fixed-stare into a seemingly insurmountable mountain of your mind's fears, hopes, dreams, expectations; likely something that neither of you will attempt to climb. Yet, in that case, too, after you - or the other - turn (achingly slowly) away, you hold that sense of a shared self with you.

Sometimes for a long time.

Human contact - a great, wondrous, curious, annoyingly addictive thing, no?

tall penguin said...

Beautiful comments umlud.

It is the beauty and purity of the contact just as it is that I am learning to enjoy. Without the overlay of the mind's story of 'what if', there is only the moment, the everlasting moment which touches a place so pure that no other action is necessary.

If we could meet each other again and again in this everlasting moment of deep connection I would imagine our world would transform itself.