Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Let It Stand.

I came home from work last night and read your comments on yesterday’s post and realized that what I was really trying to say didn’t come across. I sat and composed a reply comment to clarify. And then I stopped. I realized how many times in my life I’d began conversations or emails with “What I really wanted to say was…” How often I was afraid of my words being misconstrued, how very often I felt so alone because I thought no one understood me. I stopped. I didn’t post any clarifying comment. I decided to let it stand.

Language is an art form. Like any art, once created, it is left to the interpretation of the receiver. And that interpretation is inevitably shaded by all manner of perceptions. It is what it is. What is true for me now is that these words can never show you who I am. They can never portray the boundlessness of this being. And so, it doesn’t matter what I was trying to say. Nothing matters. And it’s okay.

tall penguin


Umlud said...

... but you feel better now, right?

zensim said...

"What is true for me now is that these words can never show you who I am."

This is true - you are this boundlessness.

When one is very open and has dissolved concepts, perceptions and illusion, then they are able to open into the spaces between the words, open into the essence of that which is being conveyed.

I still occasionally get hooked by someone not understanding my words. For the most part now, when someone else doesn't understand my words, I welcome the opportunity to open into a consciousness other than that which I know at a personal level.

Above all, having met some wonderful people who understand true beingness, I cherish the opportunity just to soak in that space that holds form (including words).

I love you muchly.