Saturday, October 25, 2008

Communication Anguish

I sometimes go back and read through this blog from beginning to end. Often my thought is, "Wow, there's some pretty good stuff here." Other times I think, "What the fuck am I talking about?" I have a tendency to anguish over communication, not knowing whether to say something or not. Is it the right time? The right place? The right words? Is what I'm saying true or am I weaving some bullshit story?

I have been attempting to take a "let it stand" approach to my life these days. I am doing my best to say what I need to say and then let it go, even when I see it's misunderstood or it's being reacted to in a way I didn't anticipate. We're all caught up in these stories in our minds of what we think we've just heard. We assume, make judgments, become afraid, pull away, draw close, shut down, get angry, become sad. Words. Letters. Sounds. They're just blips. Why do we take it all so seriously?

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Elessa said...

part of the dilemma of communication through the written word is the loss of the nuance of a gesture, tone of voice or eye contact.

all you can do is write the words from the heart and hope they convey what you are feeling at the time they are written.

Anonymous said...

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