Friday, October 17, 2008

Badass Goddess?

I blogged about my recent penchant for smoking cigarillos. Well, here I am in my first official smoking photo (right). And I dare say I make this look good. Deena says I look like legendary singer/songwriter/badass Patti Smith (left). Whacha think?

tall penguin


vanessa said...

Welll....since you asked. My first reaction was "not attractive."


tall penguin said...

hahaha, I guess it's all a matter of perspective. Personally, I'm quite fond of it.

tall penguin said...

Funny, my cousin just posted a comment on this photo over on facebook and said I look like my maternal grandmother (yes, the one whose name I just dropped...oh the irony). To her, it's a beautiful photo.

I can't explain it...I'm totally in love with this photo.

mike said...

This is just my 2 cents, please don't take offense.

I agree with Vanessa. I've never understood why anyone would treat their body like a toxic waste dump. Smoking kills people, and those people die horrible deaths. Trust me, I know. If everyone stopped smoking, 85% of lung cancer deaths would be eliminated...85%!!!

So what is it? The need to fit in? Somehow I think you're past that. The need to look cool or badass? Maybe...wouldn't have guessed that though.

Sorry if this sounds like a lecture, I don't mean it to.


tall penguin said...

Not that I owe any of you an explanation, but I smoke one cigarillo maybe once every two weeks. It's hardly a habit but one of life's simple pleasures. And that's all there is to it.

It's life people. Lighten up.

onehundredfires said...
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onehundredfires said...

tobacco is one of life's few great pleasures. i love cigars. i love my pipe. i also love the carcinogeny taste of a steak cooked over an open flame, skydiving (though I have yet to go), driving really fast, having sex without a condom (in idea, not practicum), fighting in a ring with a more talented fighter, breathing, getting new scars, tattoos. i could go on. all of the above shit done too much will kill you - note the breathing part. life isn't about the safest road. its about the best, most exciting, most grab it by the balls road. fuck living to be 110. you're quality of life will go down at about 73 anyway. i say have scars, have little black spots on your lungs, have slightly elevated cholesterol. i say enjoy the short time on this one go around. i think you look sexy as shit. fuck the rest of you myopic fruit cakes.

tall penguin said...

"Repetition for emphasis". Onehundredfires, you get a "G". Next time, your point of counsel will be "Use of Tact". ;)

Nah, you ROCK!!!

mike said...

Secondhand smoke causes among many other things, childhood neuroblastoma. Why don't you head over here onehundredfires and tell Cyndie how good cigars taste.

I'm the myopic one... right!

onehundredfires said...

Cyndi, cigars are amazing, wonderful things that should be enjoyed by responsible adults. I can't imagine the pain of losing a child to cancer. Especially when he did nothing to warrant it afflicting him. If in some way second hand smoke caused this terrible condition in your child perhaps the adults left in charge of your little Derrick are not so responsible. For that I apologize. He should have been taken away from those cigar smoking nimrods and given to people who will take better care of him my dear sweet woman. Maybe his new mommy and daddy would have made sure to spend less time gabbing about the need for other adults to fall into their scope of "good behavior" and have watched their kid a little more so as not to have allowed him to be the victim of second hand smoke. Love you Cyndi. Heart goes out to you

Of course this is all mental masturbation and hypothesis. Article doesn't say that this cute little baldy contracted his neuroblastoma as a result of some ape blowing smoke in his face. So go back out, troll the internet for some equally heart wrenching story. Only this time make sure that it has in it a responsible 34 year old woman clearly smoking in a pre-school. And this button-down, Oxford-cloth psycho might just snap, and then stalk from classroom to classrom with an Armalite AR-10 carbine gas-powered semi-automatic tobacco pipe, pumping round after round of carcinogenic puff into teachers and students. This might be someone you've known for years. Someone very, very close to you.

Or maybe you shouldn't bring me every little trashy picture that you happen to pick up and take out of context

thank you Tyler Durden

Anonymous said...

If every picture was meant to be beautiful, we'd miss out on a lot of the world's truly remarkable sights.

This photo isn't about how beautiful Tall is, that is pretty much a given... she's stunning.

I believe her love of the picture is more about what it conveys about where she is in her journey. She is now able to actually enjoy life and have a devil may care attitude without it being a damning experience aka "God will destroy you if you..."

I would suggest those with the anti-smoking diatribes give it a rest and focus on the person. You can always rant another time about your dislike for smoking. Soap boxes abound on the net for that kind of thing.

Would this be my first choice of pictures to frame and gaze admiringly at? no. But I do like it for what it signifies about a friend.

Isn't that more important than any personal bias about smokers?

John (PS - not a smoker except for a cuban on a rare occasion)

makeupwithdeena said...

Hey, the world consists of many inconiderations committed by human beings. Pleeeease, know when you're acting like jerks. Self awareness. Honesty. SEE yourself in the mirror. Do you LOOK AT yourself. How do we protect all from the inconsiderations of people. I had my thyroid removed from cancer. I need my own space in life to breath the air; and sometimes I smoke a cigar, and I celebrate any way I feel, to my healthy life. My rich, healthy life. Thank God. Ironic and profound, I feel quite sure I got cancer because I contained my honest feelings when they needed to be expressed. My beautiful tall friend SEES herself and me and all her loved ones. Bless us, our children, living beings our earth; let's SEE it ALL!! Peace!!! Onehundredfires will purify much in their life-I'm sure of it!!

Tammie said...

i've watched this discussion unfold over the past few days and i've thought long and hard over whether or not to add my two cents.

i like the picture. i agree with one of the commenters above who mentioned that it says something about where you are in your life right now. it's a great and incredibly interesting photo.

and you are right. you don't owe anyone an explanation.

having said that, i would like to add: be careful, smoking is addictive and causes cancer. blah blah blah.....

and for the record, i would tell you to be careful if you were skydiving, drinking too much, eating too much steak cooked over an open flame, and certainly if you were having unprotected sex. i would say it, not to be judgemental, but because I consider myself to be, in some small way, your friend. and that's what friends do.

im not implying that onehundredfires isn't your friend. his approach is just different than mine, and probably mikes. we shouldn't be criticized for the differences. after all, you did ask.

tall penguin said...

Thank you all for your comments here. I like hearing what you all have to say. If I didn't want to know, I wouldn't ask.

Of course, we may at times have differences of opinion, or at least different ways of expressing similar ideas. It's all good. It's life expressing itself through each one of us. And for that, I'm grateful.

Anonymous said...

My $0.02: great picture. I think it evokes a young, sexy, feminine version of Clint Eastwood in a spaghetti western.