Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Professional Dabbler

I've been doing plenty of painting lately and not so much writing. I'm still journaling but not doing so much of the kind of writing I've done on the blog over the past couple of years. I don't know why. It is what it is.

I'm really enjoying painting. There's something very visceral about the feel of the paint sliding across the canvas, much like my love for the glide of a medium point Papermate pen across newsprint. It's almost sexy.

Right now, the greatest joy in painting is the exploration of color. I find myself smudging, smearing, mixing, blending, and otherwise making a mess of various colors to see what they do together, much like a child finger painting to get a feel for what the medium can do.

The backsplash over my kitchen sink is now dotted with a rainbow of paint smatters, which I'm sure my landlord will not appreciate when I move out, but I figure it's all fair considering the squirrel incidents and the lack of squirrel-proof window screen in my humble abode. I also now have a kitchen wall full of artwork from myself and my friends. It looks like a Kindergarten classroom and I love it.

Creation is an interesting thing to watch unfold. Working with paint feels different than working with words. Words feel very concrete, like there's only so much you can evoke from a string of letters. Paint feels like it has this depth of emotion that gives me an opportunity to get to layers of feeling that I often can't access with language.

I think there's also the benefit of my allowing myself to be a "beginner" with these visual arts. Not considering myself an artist allows me to create art. Once I think I'm supposed to know what I'm doing, creativity falls by the wayside. Funny how that works. I like being a novice. I like dipping my hands into new things. I've spent so much of my life starting over after major change. I guess I've developed a pretty strong inclination to starting fresh again and again. Perhaps Jack-of-all-trades will be my claim to fame. Nah, I'm going to call myself a Professional Dabbler. I like that.

tall penguin

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