Friday, August 8, 2008

The Winds of Change...

I feel the winds gathering their momentum. I feel ready to leave this city, to leave the place of my birth and move beyond all that I've ever known. As Anya gathers strength, I feel compelled to get on a plane and not look back. I do not know where I will go or what I will do once I'm there, I just know it is coming time for me to leave. And it's okay. It's all okay.

tall penguin


Alice said...

That's wonderful! I'd love to be young enough and kid-free enough to just pack up and move somewhere else. I've done it so much in my life that it feels odd to have been in Maryland for so long.

Pick a wonderful new spot to jump to!

tall penguin said...

Hey alice,

I'm a bit of a novice in the travel department. Any advice? First stop is probably Europe. I want to walk the Camino and then possibly nanny in Italy or France.

Alice said...

WAY back in my youth, I lived in Italy for three years while my dad was in the army. I didn't fully appreciate it then, but even so, it's wonderful. I think any place in Europe would be a good start for a novice traveler since it would be relatively easy to get around/find an English speaker/no shortage of amenities.

I'd start in an area that holds personal interest for you. Take advantage of your single-dom and see the world! It's amazing. I wish more people were able to travel and shed their myopic viewpoints. Have fun (and always carry TP in your own personal travel advice.)