Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Proud Mr. Rhino...

So, Mr. Rhino returned from the Antarctic in time to attend his first Gay Pride Parade here in Toronto. I had to work that day (somebody's gotta pay the rent) so Mr. Rhino hung out with my roomie and, pardon the pun, had a gay ole time.

Mr. Rhino started out the day with a hearty breakfast.

Then, got into the Pride spirit.

Here Mr. Rhino is in the middle of the parade, enjoying the sights.

And this is Mr. Rhino's first gay kiss. He won't tell me the details on this new friend. Apparently what happens at Pride stays at Pride.

And here Mr. Rhino is making friends with the local police. Glad to see he didn't get into any trouble.

Mr. Rhino is still recuperating from the weekend's festivities. His social life is beginning to rival mine.

tall penguin


Alice said...

Mr. Rhino definitely needed an outfit for the parade! How could you?!

tall penguin said...

Well, considering that Pride is a clothing-optional event, Mr. Rhino was in good company.

Cdnboi said...

I heard from a good source, that Mr. Rhino enjoyed the kiss..

matt said...

Aww, Mr Rhino, you know where all the action is! Where will you go next??

I had a fun time with you in Antarctica! ;)