Saturday, July 12, 2008

One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila...

I am no longer a Tequila virgin. The gals and I went out and enjoyed an evening of all things mind-altering down at a local lounge in the Greek part of town. I told the waiter my goal: to get as drunk as I could, as fast as I could. The waiter obliged my request with rounds of tequila, followed by two incredibly tasty pitchers of Sangria. A first for me also. Yum.

I danced up a little storm in my little corner of the bar (you know my style: closed eyes, drifting off into some far off penguin land). Our waiter friend comes over to me and says, "You're a Raver, aren't you?"

I laugh. "Why do you say that?" I ask.

He goes on to tell me that I dance like a Raver. I tell him that I've never been to a Rave but would be pleased to attend one if he'd be so kind as to accompany me. Smooth penguin, real smooth. So, stay tuned. The post on my first Rave is coming to a blog near you.

Now, you may recall my penchant for wallflowers. My favorite part of the night at any bar/club is seeking out the geeky hotties who are still nursing their liquid courage in the attempt to get in a few dances before closing time. I noticed two such young men around 1 a.m. and sauntered up to their table and had myself a seat. They were both clutching their Coronas like babies palm their bottles. There was a third full Corona sitting there in need of attention. They offered. I accepted. Another first for me. I don't like beer. Never have. But apparently, once you reach a certain point of inebriation, everything goes down like butta.

I come to find out that my new friends are both from Greece. One's been here 6 years. The other has just arrived and this is his first night out on the town. Lucky me. I encourage the young Adonis (did I mention he's HAWT?!) to drink up and get his fine self onto the dance-floor with my fine self. He does and we do. And. Oh. My. God. The geeks never fail to impress.

We do a little grindin', a little salsa, a little "vertical expression of a horizontal wish" and then the night came to a close. I could have ventured into another first and started up a one-night stand bedpost tally, but thought better of it. Instead I came home with my girlfriend (what's that saying...hoes before bros?), got pretty stoned and collapsed sometime after 5 a.m. Work is going to be really interesting today. Did I mention he was HAWT?! Okay, I'll stop now.

tall penguin


Phaedron Rising said...

Consider yourself lucky. The full limerick goes:

One tequila,
Two tequila,
Three tequila,

Five tequila
Six tequila
Seven tequila

Alice said...

First off - that car looks gorgeous.

Second - wow. It sounds like a blast and I'm amazed that this is the same girl that writes all those other posts! I'm glad you had a fantastic night out. ; )

matt said...

LOL! Now that's how to party! :)
Corona happens to be my favorite beer. Coincidence? Who cares, I need some. Nerdy Geek Clasping Corona? Suuure.