Monday, July 14, 2008

Loves Me...Loves Me Not

I was speaking with a friend of mine whose 10 year old daughter likes a boy in her school. It's her first crush. And she asks her mom, "How do I know if a boy likes me?"

I laugh. I'm 34 and I still haven't figured out the answer to this one. She replied to her daughter, "It depends on the boy. Sometimes he'll be really attentive. Sometimes he'll bug you to no end. Sometimes he does nothing at all because he's too shy."

Great answer. I've experienced every one of those scenarios. No wonder love is so confusing for all of us; who knows what any of us are really saying at any given time? Gee-zus.

My heart goes out to every parent in the process of having these conversations with their children. Attempting to understand, much less explain, the affairs of the heart is no easy feat. Parenting is the most important job on the planet. Kudos to each one of you.

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