Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Girl I Once Knew...

Another find from the Rubbermaid Archives. I wrote this when I was 16. Won a few awards for this one too and it got published in the local newspaper.

A Girl I Once Knew

A young, flawless face shines in the light of the sun, beaming with happiness. It is the face of a young girl as she plays in the sand at the beach. All her thoughts and energies are focussed on the sand which she carefully molds into the castle of her dreams. As the waves wash away the debris on the shore, the girl's sacred innocence delivers her from the cares and worries of the adult world that surrounds her and now engulfs me.

I was once a child like this, carefree and innocent. Yet now, these childish attributes are replaced with adult worries and responsibilities. All the childhood games I used to play, with all my childhood friends have been exchanged for piles of work with no time to play, nor friends to play with. The seemingly endless days of sheer fun I enjoyed when I was young are now short periods of endless frustration and turmoil. When I was a child, there was time for everything I ever wanted to do. Now, I don't even have enough time to do the things that everyone else wants me to do, let alone time for myself. As a child I dreamed, as every child does, of being an adult. Yet now, the reality of adulthood seems to be more of a nightmare.

Just recently, I realized how good it is to be a child. I sat with two younger children and we played a game together. As we played, I noticed that I was almost immediately accepted into their childish clan without any judgement or silly adult initiation ritual. I was accepted as ME. It was such an overwhelmingly great feeling to be accepted without having to prove myself first. These wonderful qualities found in children often make me wonder if I am really more mature than they are. I yearn for these qualities, yet grieve, for I know that they were partially lost after childhood left me.

I will continue to look upon the children around me so that I may catch a glimpse of a girl I once knew, in their eyes. Perhaps by doing this, the child within me will live on.

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