Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mr. Rhino's Day Out...

So, Mr. Rhino has been complaining all week that since I adopted him I haven't taken him out of the house. And sadly, he is correct. To remedy that, I packed him up in my purse and away we went down into the great big city.

Mr. Rhino was craving a tiptoe through the tulips but we couldn't find any. Instead we found these beauts, which pleased him greatly.

After all that frolicking, Mr. Rhino worked up quite a thirst. I told him not to do this. "Public water fountains are not the most sanitary water sources, " I said.

"You do realize where I grew up, right?" he countered.

"Good point. Drink up."

And then, Mr. Rhino needed some quiet, park-bench time to contemplate his existence.

We then went on to a bustling festival in the downtown square. One of the booths was promoting the DVD release of the film 10,000 B.C. Something about this guy twinged Mr. Rhino's ancestral roots and he insisted on having his photo taken with him. (Excuse me, would you mind holding my rhino? Bet he's never heard that line before.)

When we arrived home, we were both pretty exhausted but there was one more surprise waiting for Mr. Rhino. I got him a car. An ultra cool purple Cadillac of his very own. This way, he doesn't have to wait for me to take him out. He's got full autonomy to explore the world on his own. And pick up chicks.

tall penguin


matt said...

Now that's a day out on the world scene!

Now the ladies will have all the more reason to drink from that fountain!

The 10,000 BC man looks awesome, looks like that's his real hair too! More power to him! (Who would promote this movie? What an awkward movie, what a trivial ending :))

Cadillac huh? You shell out the cash for these guys; they know they're loved. :)

matt said...

Oh and, great blog post, hahah! :D

Teaching Kids Yoga said...

Fun! Mr. Rhino looks alot easier to carry around than a little dog!

You may enjoy this site with action figures teaching each other yoga.

(although as a kids yoga teacher its a little mature for the wee ones).

Anonymous said...

You go, Mr. Rhino!!