Sunday, June 29, 2008

The letters we never send...

As an emotional processing tool, I often will write letters that I never send. And I am always amazed at how the exercise moves me. Sometimes the person the letter is directed to will later come to me and interact with me in a way that seems like they got my unsent letter. It's as if that unspoken conversation took place in the ether and we are now living in its shone light. I cannot explain. I don't try to. I just marvel at it when it happens and smile.

Perhaps that is what prayer is for people. A series of unsent letters from one person's heart into the ether to an unnamed recipient, in the hopes that someone, somewhere will respond. I think we all, at one time or another, send out letters into the universe. Whether we call it prayer, or hope, or dreams, it matters not. I think it allows us to speak from the deepest recesses of our heart and feel like we've been heard.

tall penguin


Rebecca said...

I recently started writing a journal, and realized that the reason I'd never kept one up before was because I had a very specific preconceived notion as to how a journal entry is supposed to go. This time, I just wrote down the one-sided pretend conversations and rants that I normally aim at my mirror (them being the rehearsal for talks that never actually happen, whether with the ex or with friends or with my family.)

I didn't understand the rumoured catharsis of journal-writing until now. I've filled a quarter of a notebook in about 10 days :)

tall penguin said...

I can only but smile at your comment rebecca. I remember how much I hated the term "journal" and called my first written ramblings my "book of thoughts". I couldn't stand the notion I had of what a journal was "supposed" to look like. So, believe me, I understand.

Welcome to the land of the journal. May your journey be one of insight.